Get more exposure?

How it works?

How it works?


Register and create your account with us in very easy steps to start submitting your ads. Make sure to fill in your contact details on your business profile, as this info will show on your ad page.

Submit Ad

Submit your business, services, products or discounts. Put as much information as possible to help you customers get to you easily. Start selling faster.

Grow Business

Get more exposure. Scale and grow your business. Track and your improve sales with our advanced analytics tool.

Why do I need RizeAds?

Expand your coverage

Selling online allows promoting your products or services to those you can’t reach offline. Millions of buyers are waiting for you to offer something. So take your chance to boost your sales!

Sell online
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Communicate with clients directly

You are in charge of your sales and communication. Receive calls from interested buyers or close deals in RizeAds built in chat system. You will never miss any message.

It is safe

RizeAds platform is safe to use. We ensure security for both buyers and sellers and do our best to develop a culture of safe buying and selling!

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If you want your ad to be more visible to potential clients, you can promote it by choosing any of the below ad promotions according to your needs. Promotions are available on users individual dashboards. You can promote your ads any time.

Single Ad - Advertise

Suggest your ad on the single ad pages from the same category

Home - Keyword Search

Display your ad within the first results on the keyword search

In Home - Promo Ads

Promote your ad on the homepage feed

Anywhere - Color Bump

Make the color of your ad more prominent to separate it from the others

In Map - Pin Bump

Make your ad more visually prominent on the search map

In Category – Above Free Ads

Display your ad within the first results in its category

More Features

More Features

Premium profile

Premium profiles with a dedicated search form for your listings only and a micro-website available


Admin dashboard with all easy-access info and a modern design


Stats and analytics for users to better choose a promotion for their listings

About Us

RizeAds in a South African classified ads site. We help small businesses build and increase their online presence and exposure.

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